“Now, anyone who can afford it wants their own chef. It’s becoming a big status symbol,” said Christian Paier, the owner of Private Chefs, Inc., an agency in Beverly Hills.”
The New York Times

“PCI is a firm that’s taking the worldwide placement of private chefs to a more sophisticated level.”
Departures Magazine published by American Express

“Besides Hollywood denizens, his international clientele base includes royalty, rock bands, corporate executives, and sports stars. ‘Many come to me just to eat better, healthier,’ [Paier] says of the matchmaking process.”
Polo Magazine

“Paier’s matchmaking process is as detailed as a Brioni suit.”
Robb Report

“World’s Top Private Chefs – Finnicky eaters turn to PCI’s chefs to provide their culinary delights”
Hong Kong Tatler

Awarded “Best of LA”
Los Angeles Times 2007

“About the last thing a new millennium mover-and-shaker needs to do at the end of the day is toil over a hot stove. Private Chefs Inc., a Beverly Hills-based employment agency, serves up in-home chefs to the fabulously wealthy.”
Forbes Magazine

“Christian Paier has been supplying chefs for some of the best private kitchens in the world. From Barron Hilton to Janet Jackson, he supplies the know-how, security and dependability that these very discerning clients demand.”
Air Ambience Magazine for Private Jet Owners

“It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, only eat Thai food or four-star French, have allergies or need to travel on a moment’s notice, Private Chefs Inc. can provide the perfect chef to attend to your needs.”
Elite Traveler, Global Blackbook

“If John Travolta, Will Smith and Tina Turner can indulge in the luxury of a personal chef, why shouldn’t you? These and other stars have been clients of Private Chefs, Inc.”
Bon Appetit Magazine

“PCI can help you choose just the right chef for your needs, however unusual they may be.”
Cachet Magazine

“Chefs who know how to make the rich and famous happy often find their way into Hollywood’s kitchens via the largest placement firm for private chefs in Los Angeles, Private Chefs, Inc.”
Vegetarian Times

“Flying in from Zurich after a hard day’s banking, there’s no finer way to end the day than by walking into your home to the aroma of one of your personal chef’s creations.If you are blessed enough to have hired one of Christian Paier’s private chefs you will always have one of the preeminent masters of international cuisine at your disposal. Paier has brought some of the most renowned chefs from around the world to work their culinary magic on a customized level. Clients such as Bill Gates, The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, Tom Cruise and Donna Karan have all used Private Chefs, Inc. to handpick their personal chef.”
America’s Elite 1000 -The Ultimate List – CADOGAN Publications

“The compensations for those who pander to star’s whims can be considerable, as Christian Paier of the agency private Chefs, Inc. explains, ‘You get the lifestyle – yachts, helipads, private jets, traveling all over the world…Quite often chefs become confidantes, even friends. I know stars who see their cooks more than their spouses.”
Red Magazine, “What Stars Eat,” by Richard Patterson, London

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