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Private Chefs, London

The London Team

Kevin & Eric handle all chef hires in the following areas, United Kingdom, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Monaco, Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Middle East, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Oman, Jordan, Asia, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Japan, Tokyo, Macao, Shanghai, Peking, South Africa, Cape Town, Johannesburg, French Riviera, Italian Riviera, Yachts, Zurich, Madrid, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Geneva, Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Venice, Milan, St. Tropez, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Barcelona

With their extensive knowledge of the private service industry coupled with their connections in European and Middle Eastern high society, Kevin and Eric are the perfect representatives for PCI’s European operations. Call +44 (0) 203-443-7100 Now!

Meet Our London Team

London is the base for PCI’s European and Middle Eastern operations.
With an enormous chef talent pool concentrated in Europe, PCI is able to serve our US clients traveling abroad; as well as our international clients with short-term and permanent private chef placements

Kevin Johnson

London-born Kevin Johnson attended Thanet Catering College in Kent where he graduated with City and Guild qualifications and diplomas in Cookery; Food and Beverage Service; and Accommodation Service. For twenty years Kevin has worked exclusively in Private Service, holding positions of great responsibility working for many of the world’s respected families and organizations. Starting his career as footman at The British Embassy in Paris, he received training in etiquette; the art of formal entertaining; and the proper care-procedures to adopt with antique silver, fine china, crystal and glass. He also learned to obey the sacred rules of his trade, including the importance of discretion, whilst honing his ‘eye for detail’. Kevin has worked along-side Europe’s leading decorators, restorers, craftsmen and artisan workers, gathering skills which allow him to manage projects and events requiring only the highest aesthetic standards. Never happy to accept mediocrity as a norm, Kevin continues to push boundaries, as a founder of Green Baize Door and the representative of Private Chefs Inc. in Europe, he hopes to assist the industry of which he is proud to be a member.

Eric Cuenin

Eric Cuenin is PCI’s European chef liaison and will also represent our interest on the French Riviera. A Swiss chef, Eric graduated from the Ecole Hoteliere de Strasbourg and completed another stage at the Hotellerie Beaurivage in Condrieu before working as chef de partie aboard the exclusive Venice-Simplon-Orient Express. With private chef experience in both Europe and the United States, Eric was selected by the royal family of Saudi Arabia to serve as the personal chef to one of the princes. For over 10 years, Eric has worked for the family in their Beverly Hills vacation home, on safari in Africa, in Saudi Arabia and the south of France.

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