Tastes and Textures

For one of his more unusual dining events, Roberto Cortez had carte blanche to create a dinner that explored textures through all the senses. Working with an interior designer to create a dining space enclosed in fabric and with an architect to design a table that was set with large candles anchored in salt down the centre, Cortez ensured that raw elements were softened by a soft mist of illumination and kept the focus on the experimental and playful menu.

The courses included:

  • An amuse-bouche of molecular gastronomy: the “un-sandwich” – a shot of liquid sourdough, frothy corned beef, fried egg, crunchy swiss, aioli
  • An homage to the Ortolon songbird with legs confit, breasts done sous vide, foi gras from the offal and broth from the bones
  • A textural play on a tempura sushi roll, including a rice cream with the flavors of sushi rice
  • And a fish dish inspired by a Frida Kahlo painting: Herb black cod chile ancho escabeche, puffed red quinoa, cider canela pineapple butter, sous vide-caramelized endive