PCI has an employer in Little Rock, AR seeking a talented chef for their family ranch to prepare and serve daily meals. The whole family is on the Pritiken diet and has been for many years. No change in diet.

  • We are requested to match you with local and non-local qualified Chefs
  • The home base is in Little Rock, AR
  • No Travel requests will be expected at this time
  • The family make-up is 2 adults in residence with 1-3 persons present for meals daily
  • The chef will prepare lunch and dinner meals
  • Tentative schedule request is 5 days per week with some flexibility
  • The chef can expect to be available for certain Holidays
  • Chef will shop, prep, serve and cleanup after meal preparations
  • The chef can expect occasional entertaining or small guest counts
  • The Chef may prepare extra foods for stocking to have on their days off
  • The chef will also keep stock and staples rotated for the kitchen as needed
  • Requesting a clean, healthy, organic preparation with a wide repertoire of food styles
  • Emphasis on Pritikin Diet is essential
  • Male or female chefs considered
  • The Chef’s salary consideration is negotiable but likely between $85k-$110k annual
  • Relocation Assistance is available and Healthcare Benefits offered

If interested and qualified please write Jerry Masi at dallas@privatechefsinc.com to schedule a call.

To apply we will require a current resume, references/letters of recommendation, and a great chef photo of yourself. Any other media is very welcome, especially food photos, table settings, or social media of your work.