Family of 2 adults and 2 adult children seeking a private chef to cook/serve DINNER 2x a week plus leave meals for following days.

SCHEDULE two days per week. Preferably  Sundays and Wednesdays

In addition to preparing and serving dinners on each day of the visit, chef is requested to prepare meals to leave for family self-serve for the following 2 days after visit for lunch, dinner and snacks.

Due to schedules, it may not always be 4pp for meals. This will be decided at the beginning of each week.

CUISINE: all styles enjoyed, healthy and sometimes gourmet menus are preferred. A few allergies to consider and Gf preference for one

ENTERTAINING: Occasional dinner party. Rate to be determined.

NO TRAVEL REQUIRED: however, family travels without chef so time off will be approx.

Family is away mostly in summer Memorial Day to Labor Day and 2 weeks during Christmas holidays where likely no chef services are needed.

COMPENSATION: Date rate only position. rate is 450-600 No benefits offered.  

Send resume and day rate to