PCI has an opening for a full time chef in a unique environment. This position is responsible for private food-service for two busy executives. This chef will also work mostly in a corporate environment as Executive Chef of their corporate dining hall and building it from scratch.

  • We are requested to match employer with qualified Candidates
  • The home base is in San Diego, CA
  • The Office base is nearby to Home
  • Family make-up is 2 adults in residence
  • No Travel requests expected at this time
  • The schedule request is 5-6 days per week
  • Breakfast is at office, lunch is at office, dinners at home.
  • The chef will have experience enough to build & manage/oversee the corporate kitchen
  • Corporate kitchen will be managed by executive chef.
  • Cafeteria will offer healthy snacks, continental style with hot/cold drinks- 100+ employees
  • Chef will prepare and serve breakfast, lunch and dinners for two
  • Chef will prep and leave foods for grab & go on days off
  • The chef will keep home stocked with snacks and favorite drinks
  • Requesting a clean, healthy, organic preparation within a wide repertoire of food styles
  • An emphasis on healthy, lite preparation is important
  • One principal has diabetes and chef will require knowledge of Glycemic Index and Carbs
  • Holiday requests may be expected
  • Occasional lite entertaining may be expected
  • Any State Covid mandates apply
  • Male and Female candidates considered
  • W-2 direct hire with salary and excellent comprehensive benefits package

If interested and qualified please write Jerry Masi at beverlyhills@privatechefsinc.com to schedule a call.

To apply we will require a current resume, references/letters of recommendation, and a great chef photo of yourself. Any other media is very welcome, especially food photos, table settings, or social media of your work.