From Loft to Gourmet Temple

For a dining event for 9 set in a downtown penthouse loft, Cortez transformed the space into an intimate, sexy, warm and chic environment.

He used the element of music to augment the taste experience, drawing on his previous experience as a musician and his understanding of the ability of sound to dictate mood unconsciously.

To enhance the visual stimuli, he worked with an architectural and concept designer to create lighting especially for the setting.

Another unique feature was the incorporation of innovative designer culinary tools and glassware to serve the menu.

The courses included:

  • Liquid onion ring
  • Citrus brined Arctic char, coconut mojito flavors and crispy bamboo rice crackers
  • Foie Gras Noodle Tart, summer truffle caramel, figs, sesame inverted puff pastry