Penthouse Loft Dinner

For a dining event for 9 set in a downtown penthouse loft, Cortez transformed the space into an intimate, sexy, warm and chic environment.

He used the element of music to augment the taste experience, drawing on his previous experience as a musician and his… view more

The Artists Dinner

For one of his more unusual dining events, Roberto Cortez had carte blanche to create a dinner that explored textures through all the senses. Working with an interior designer to create a dining space enclosed in fabric and with an architect to design a table that was set with large candles anchored in salt down the centre… view more

Luxe Dinner

Most of Creative Director Roberto Cortez’s time is spent cooking and doing events in Europe where he has collaborated with some of the best designers in the world to create dinners that guests never forget. These include artists of lighting, glassware, dinnerware, cutlery and culinary tools, as well as composers, architects and interior… view more

Serene Garden Soire

At a private home with a meditative garden that orchestrated the ambiance for the dinner setting, dinner guests included many from the design and art worlds and a Shanghai businessman.

Cortez arranged the dining area so that the table brought the outdoors inside… view more