Recruiting a chef for a family of 2 adults and 3 dogs with main residence in Palm Beach, FL. Employer has a 150 ft yacht based at the residence in PB and a fishing boat. Chef will service family at residence in FL, including yacht trips in winter to the Bahamas and in summer travel is usually to the New England coast (Newport etc.) and Hamptons NY.

Housing is provided at Palm Beach property if needed for temporary relocations or as permanent housing. Ideal chef is flexible with schedule and best without any attachments (such as pets etc.) since travel can be for extended periods. Must have yachting experience!


MEALS: Lunch (approx.12-2pm) and Dinner (approx. 7-9pm) daily, for two. Yacht Crew and residence staff meals (3-11) as needed. Service style is platter butler service

DAYS OFF: fluid depending on required travel but when at residence usually 2 days off per week.

CUISINE: healthy and all styles enjoyed. No allergies or dietary limitations.

Presentation should be high end, silver platters etc. Chef should be able to prepare all foods from scratch including baked goods, desserts as needed. No premade or store-bought foods are consumed. Desserts are important and would be a regular part of main meal of the day.

ENTERTAINING: regularly approximately once per week for dinner for up to 8 people. Dinners and luncheons on yacht as needed.

YACHT: Winter season (Nov-Feb) includes cruising to Bahamas and Caribbean for up to 10 days at a time and in Summer, employers cruise the New England coast up to Hamptons, Sag Harbor etc. When on board, chef will share a cabin and will be doing crew meals for 9-11 in addition to meals for principals and guests.

STAFF in residence (FL) are 2 housekeepers and Butler, simple meals for staff are required.

COMPENSATION: DOE and medical benefits can be negotiated.

This can be a long-term position for the right candidate. Previous long term chef was with family for 9 years.

Ideal start date asap.

Send resume and references to:


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