Family of three adults seeking a live out private chef for their home in Coral Gables, FL.

DATES: starting END OF FEB —end date: Mutually agreeable date in July.

Family is flexible with dates on both ends of the assignment.

SCHEDULE: Monday through Thursday/Friday with weekends off. Chef will work 4 – 5 days per week.

MEALS: Daily lunch at 1200 for one adult and the other 2 adults at around 2pm. Dinner, (2 courses) around 6-730pm. Occasionally, a dessert will be enjoyed.

ENTERTAINING: once per month for dinner parties for up to 6 adults. Casual dinner guests of one to two people can vary during the work week.

CUISINE: Many styles enjoyed. Ex. Asian, Mediterranean, Italian (low carb), healthier versions of all cuisines enjoyed.  One adult has a shellfish allergy, otherwise no restrictions.

Ideal chef has a Solid work history in the restaurant/food industry with references. Private HNW household experience is a plus.

The Chef will be required to have a standard background check and sign a nondisclosure agreement. 

Send resume, references and day rate to:


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