PCI is seeking a top chef in San Francisco for a single, executive businessman. They are requesting a chef who can do some drop-off meals and some on-site meal prep/serve.

  • Seeking a dedicated, local, full time Top Chef
  • The home base is in San Francisco, CA
  • No Travel requests at this time
  • Family make-up is 1 male adult in residence.
  • The chef will prepare and drop-off breakfast, lunch & dinners daily.
  • The chef will keep stock and staples for home kitchen as needed.
  • The chef will procure the freshest & highest quality food products available on the market.
  • Occasional meal Guests may be expected.
  • Occasional yearly Events may be expected.
  • No staff cooking requested.
  • Tentative schedule is a 5-day week.
  • Chef will prep foods for days off self-serve.
  • Schedule may change occasionally.
  • Certain Holiday requests may be expected.
  • Any State Covid mandates apply.
  • Male & Female candidates considered.
  • W-2 Direct Hire 
  • Salary TBD
  • Benefits Negotiable

If interested and qualified, please write Jerry Masi at beverlyhills@privatechefsinc.com

To apply we will require a current resume, references/letters of recommendation, and a great chef photo of yourself. Any other media is very welcome, especially food photos, table settings, or social media of your work.