PCI is seeking a top Chef for an employer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  • We are requested to match employer with qualified local and non-local, Chef candidates
  • Principal’s Home Base is Baton, Rouge, LA
  • Secondary Homes in
    • Louisiana
    • Aspin and Snowmass, CO
    • Destin, FL
  • Travel requests will be extensive
  • Accommodations at all residences available
  • Chef to Home-Base in Baton Rouge
  • Family make-up is 2 adults and 2 children in residence
  • Tentative weekly schedule is TBD
  • Flexibility in scheduling is requested
  • Chef will prepare and serve breakfast & dinners on scheduled days
  • Chef will prepare lunches during summers when children are home
  • Chef will prepare and stock foods for self-serve on days off
  • Occasional meal Guests can be expected
  • Chef will keep kitchen cleanly
  • Entertainment can be expected (generally 12 persons, 1-2x/month)
  • Holiday requests can be expected
  • Food style request is Scratch Made, lite, fresh, creative, and healthy.
  • Comfort Foods on occasion
  • Dietary restrictions noted as Gluten Free
  • Any State Covid mandates apply. Household rules will apply.
  • Male & Female candidates considered
  • W-2 Direct Hire or 1099 Contractor TBD
  • Benefits offered TBD
  • Relocation Assistance considered

If interested and qualified please write Jerry Masi at dallas@privatechefsinc.com to schedule a call.

To apply we will require a current resume, references/letters of recommendation, and a great chef photo of yourself. Any other media is very welcome, especially food photos, table settings, or social media of your work