Seeking a full-time, live out, chef for one adult at UES residence. In addition to the principal, chef will do staff meals for lunch for butler, housekeeper and principal’s assistant.

SCHEDULE: Five days per week. Days off to be determined.


HOURS: past chef came in around 930 to be available for breakfast, but new chef probably can arrive around 1030 to be ready for lunch.

MEALS: Daily meals for one principal will include Lunch and Dinner

Lunch anywhere from 1230-230 and dinner approximately 645 pm. Dinner is normally 3 courses including a light dessert of fruit with a small sweet. Occasionally breakfast on weekends but very simple such as fruit or oatmeal, rarely a big breakfast.

CUISINE: Principal enjoys a variety of cuisines and creative menus. Favorites are Asian, Italian, American, Austrian, Indian some Greek. All European cuisines mostly with emphasis on authentic Chinese and Indian food. Principal is Jewish but will eat bacon, shrimp and crab no other pork products or shellfish, no salmon except smoked salmon. No allergies or exceptional dietary issues.

SHOPPING: CHEF will shop for all ingredients through accounts provided and with employer issued credit card. Chef will buy all household cleaning products along with food ingredients.

ENTERTAINING: much less entertaining than previous years but occasional lunches or dinners for 2-3 .

TRAVEL: no travel required. no auxiliary homes. Children are adults on their own. No pets.

Ideal chef will be polished and respectful and able to work well with long established residence staff. Butler serves all meals and Housekeeper washes dishes and stemware by hand. No dishwashers used as all is served on china and crystal ware. Chef is responsible for cleaning kitchen on the whole and cleaning all his own pots, pans, surfaces and utilized equipment. Kitchen must be well maintained and clean daily!

Former chef was there for 21 years so this can be a stable and long-term position.

COMPENSATION: Salary plus medical at no cost to employee, spousal/family medical can be negotiated. Medical includes dental, vision and pharmacy. Paid vacation, PTO time is negotiable.

Send updated resume, current references and salary requirements to