Family of 2 adults (with regular, visiting, extended family of adult children, spouses and grandchildren totaling 20), seeking a Private chef or a Private chef Couple (to include a chef and housekeeper/general house assistant). Current service couple is retiring after several years of employment

Locations are: Monmouth county NJ home which is a base especially in Summer months,                                                        UES, NYC apartment –throughout the year                                                                                                                Bal Harbor, FL Condo, more often in winter Dec-Feb

Daily meals of lunch and dinner for the 2 adults and weekly Friday Shabbats dinner for anywhere from 2- 20.

Cuisine. very healthy, Kosher, lots of fish, salads etc. and no allergies.

Housing can be provided at all locations. Applicants can best live out in NY, NJ area.

COMPENSATION: Competitive salary, plus stipend for 50% of medical premium and PTO.

US citizens or US permanent residents only please –send resume to