Mature couple seeking a full-time chef for their homes in FL and the Hamptons.

Chef should be based in Palm Beach, FL area.

PALM BEACH: November through April —chef lives out.  

SOUTHAMPTON:  July through mid September—housing provided off premise.

2 vehicles are provided and shared in Hamptons with staff  

SCHEDULE: Client’s monthly calendar is provided (subject to some changes) so chef may plan their weekly schedules accordingly. Work week can be 5-6 days depending on need and client’s dining out frequency.

Chef is given off All May-Jun and APPROX. MID Sept- END OF Oct, yearly with salary somewhat reflecting that time off. APPROX 14 WEEKS of time off.

CUISINE: leaning towards plant based. Healthy organic complex combinations with occasional poultry and seafood incorporated in menus. No allergies and all styles enjoyed.   

MEALS: Lunch can be from 1pm-4pm Dinner daily from 730-9pm.

STAFF: Butler travels with principals, House manager and 2 housekeepers. NO staff meals required. Staff is available for table service when entertaining and some can assist chef in kitchen for meal prep. Chef is responsible for service of daily meals for just the couple.

ENTERTAINING: Often and mostly formal plated. Dinner parties for up to 16 people and for any larger events (rare), outside help would be obtained.

Ideal candidates have 5 star Michelin training and exposure in their culinary background. Chef should be capable of baking and all should be from scratch dishes with some complexity and interesting combinations.

COMPENSATION: Salary to reflect the extensive time off given and package details negotiable such as medical stipend etc.

Send resume and salary to