Mature couple seeking a Full Time Private chef.

LOCATIONS: Palm Beach Gardens, FL January -April

Greenwich, CT April -mid December

HOUSING: Live out FL.

Greenwich CT. Housing provided. Brand new furnished one bedroom with private bath, living room, kitchen and laundry in main house with private entrance.

MEALS: lunch and dinner daily

CUISINE: Most styles enjoyed with emphasis on Italian and French cuisine.

Healthy meals nicely presented with no need for cutting edge presentation but flavorful is a must.

Ideal chef is kind, respectful and has a meticulous side with excellent technique. Chef should not only provide all scratch made food but cleans as they go and thoroughly cleans kitchen (including counters and floors) before finishing for the day. Meticulous brand new kitchen to be maintained.

COMPENSATION: Salary based on experience. Medical coverage is negotiable, paid vacation.

Send updated resume with current address, recent references and salary requirements to: