Family of 2 adults and 5 children seeking a full time, LIVE IN cook for simple family meals. Ideal chef would live on premise, in housing provided, separate from main house

Housing: Guest house on property is available

Cuisine style: Mrs. is Gluten free and Mr. does keto diet with children eating all cuisine styles. Simple meals where adults can easily adjust to suit their individual needs and diets.

Meals: Breakfast around 7am, Lunch, noon, and Dinner, 6 pm, daily. Adults both work from home and children are homeschooled.

Entertaining: maybe 2 x a month casual dinner party for up to 6 people. No travel required to any auxiliary homes or vacation homes.

Schedule: 5-6 days per week with usually Sundays off and one other weekday. Employer is flexible.

Compensation: salary only position, plus housing.

send resume to

Ideal start date: September