Family of three adults seeking an experienced, FT, private chef to work at their residence in the Bahamas. Chef should have past experience in 5 star or Michelin star restaurants and also have private household experience with references for this opportunity. Housing is provided when traveling to the Bahamas property. Chef can fly in from any locale for work schedule in Bahamas as explained below. Chef will be on salary and therefore available to employer with some notice for travel.

HOUSING: In Bahamas, 6000 sqft penthouse is provided for chef off property but 5 min from employer’s residence. Chef may bring their spouse/partner ect. with prior approval.

MEALS:  Lunch and Dinner daily Lunch 12-1pm dinner approx. 6-7pm.

SCHEDULE: Sat-Sun off. if stay is lengthy otherwise chef will work through . Chef can expect to work at Bahamas location every month for 1 -2 weeks straight and then chef has time off when client travels back to their other home in PA and chef returns to home base.

ENTERTAINING: rare and mostly family. Occasionally business associates and friends will come for dinners for up to 7-8 maximum.

CUISINE: healthy, all organic, high-quality ingredients only. Grass fed meats, wild caught fish. All styles enjoyed but leaning to Mediterranean diet. Also leaning towards gluten free as a preference and low sugar, low carbs. No baking required and no allergies except one adult has a soy allergy.

Chef should beautifully present all meals as an exceptional chef of this caliber would be expected to plate and serve. Butler normally serves but chef may serve as well. Housekeepers are available to assist in cleanup of kitchen, but chef should be organized and work clean. No staff meals are required.

TRAVEL: year-round travel to the Bahamas approximately once per month to once every 6 weeks staying for a total of 7-10 days away, each trip.

COMPENSATION: salary DOE, chef is basically paid a FT salary to be available as needed to fly in to the Bahamas. Schedule is given in advance but chef is paid and expected to be available as if they were working FT. Other benefits include Full medical for employee with pay in for family coverage, if needed. Two weeks paid vacation to start and PTO. Any other benefits will be discussed on case by case basis. All travel (to Bahamas and back) for work scheduled is paid by employer.