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When you have the imagination and the budget to host, not just a dinner party, but a once-in-a-lifetime dining Event, then you have access to the Private Chefs, Inc. Billionaire’s Club.

Introducing the only agency in the world with a division that is dedicated to creating the perfect soiree setting to heighten all sensory intake, so that the ambiance of light, music, decor, tableware, glassware, utensils, linens and art compliment taste-bud tantalizing, culinary creations, enrapturing your guests and elevating your dining experience to its highest form.

Wherever in the world your country estate or high-rise penthouse is located, wherever your private jet is parked or mega-yacht is docked, Private Chefs, Inc. can bring the Billionaire’s Club dinner experience to you!

Be it an intimate engagement party for two, a milestone birthday party for your closest friends or any special occasion worthy of a dinner that only the world’s elite could afford, PCI’s Billionaire’s Club entrusts the planning and execution to the creative direction and culinary genius of Roberto Cortez – a World renown Michelin Star caliber private chef who fuses classical French training, as well as studies in diverse European and North American styles, with molecular gastronomy and a love for design so that every plate is a work of art.

Based in Beverly Hills, Chef Cortez has recently turned his focus to creating exquisite dinner events where all senses are stimulated and the food is unparalleled and unexpected. He has been invited to showcase his extraordinary skills around the world, has collaborated with artists on every aspect of the dinner experience, even designing exceptional dinnerware, and brings his passion and creative talents to head the PCI Billionaire’s Club.

Chef Cortez also has access to an international pool of Michelin star chefs, who may be contracted for your dinner event if required, as well as sound and lighting experts, artists and other staff, to help you create your dream gastronomic celebration… anywhere in the world.

Cortez will guide you from initial consultation through menu creation, beverage pairing and setting requirements to bring you an experience you and your guests will never forget.

Call the PCI Billionaire’s Club at (310) 278-4707, or e-mail the Beverly Hills office at pci@privatechefsinc.com to discuss your ultimate dinner experience and take hiring a private chef for your party to a whole new level.


Roberto Cortez Creative Director & Executive Chef of the Billionaires Club (Former Private Chef of Microsoft Billionaire Paul Allen)


Prices start at $2,800 US per person.

Prices do not include beverages; travel expenses and accommodations for the chef; shipping of specialty table ware if needed; additional staff if required by the size of your party; or lighting, sound or art specialists if required.

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