PCI North America  is currently seeking new chef candidates for placement.


If you have long term, private household experience


held sous chef or executive chef positions in high end commercial establishments

and interested in working privately be sure to send us your resume for consideration into our network of elite private chefs.

Your current location is important, so the appropriate office responds for admission!

Northeast coast and Canada               ny@privatechefsinc.com

Mid-Atlantic coast                                  dc@privatechefsinc.com

Southeastern coast and states           palmbeach@privatechefsinc.com

Mid country                                                dallas@privatechefsinc.com

West coast                                                pci@privatechefsinc.com

Now is a great time to contact us for admission into our network so we may complete your application and be ready to present you for future opportunities.

In addition to having FULL TIME openings, we will have p/t, temporary or seasonal work and even dinner parties in your area!!!

Thank you and we look forward to hearing back from you!