PCI is seeking a full time chef for an executive couple in Mississippi. There is both a live-in or live-out option. Salary but no benefits offered at this point. Ample time off through out the year. Very staff friendly family and environment.

This position is interviewing now for an August start date. Job brief from the client is below.

  • Full time chef with experience cooking macrobiotic meals
  • Cooking 3 meals a day / 5 days a week (2 days off so prepare some meals ahead for weekend)
  • House is in Long Beach, Mississippi and have apartment above garage, so could live onsite or offsite housing
  • Cooking for husband (62), wife (60), father in law (84), then daughter (35) and her son (10) who live next door, their other daughter (29) and her husband (he works out of town so will be part time) who live across the street.  They will occasionally host a small dinner party or large family get together, once every 4-6 weeks.
  • Months of July & August they will be at their summer home in Charlevoix, Michigan (7 bedroom home, so again can live onsite or we can assist in finding offsite housing).  All travel will be covered.
  • Can provide a vehicle for use or will reimburse for mileage.
  • Responsible for all shopping, nearest Whole Foods store is in New Orleans, Louisiana which is an hour’s drive.
  • Must have safe driving record.
  • Will provide a credit card for making all purchases.
  • Will organize / clean kitchen.  Any additional equipment or utensils will be purchased.
  • Previously had a macrobiotic live in chef for 5 years when children were younger, so can provide as a reference if needed.